How to Set Up Your Bedroom for Better Quality Sleep

Have you moved into a new home and are about to start the unpacking process? Or are you feeling that your current setup needs revitalizing? If so, there are a few things to keep in mind when setting up your bedroom, in particular.

There are many great ways to ensure that the room is more conducive to a great night’s sleep. Follow the guidelines below.

Invest in the right mattress

If you are moving out on your own, you will need to purchase your first mattress. You should also consider buying a new one if your already-existing mattress is over five years old. After all, a comfortable, supportive bed lays the foundation for the quality of sleep that you will be able to get each night.

Do your research into reputable mattress manufacturers, such as The Winkbed Company, and whether a softer or firmer bed would be better suited to your needs. Don’t forget to investigate the warranty that comes attached to your investment – some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, while others do not offer one at all!

Buy some blackout curtains

Research shows that the darker your bedroom, the easier it is to fall asleep and remain asleep for extended periods. Unfortunately, if your room is close to a streetlight or you work night shift and sleep during the day, regular curtains just won’t cut it.

Counteract the extra light that floods into your sleep space by investing in blackout curtains or, if finances are tight, a lightweight eye-mask.

Keep it simple

A spacious, clutter-free bedroom can help to create the right environment for some restful, quality shut-eye. So, steer clear of including any unnecessary ornaments or decorations in the interior design. Avoid using this room in the house as additional storage space.

In the instance that you have a few essential items that you need to stash away, it is worthwhile investing in a king-size luxury bedding sets base that allows for discrete under-bed storage.

Choose your colors wisely

Is painting the bedroom still on your to-do list? If so, don’t base your color selection purely on the shade that most appeals to you. Instead, choose a color scheme proven to contribute to feelings of calm and relaxation.

Travelodge, a hotel chain in the United Kingdom, conducted a study that revealed blue, yellow, and orange are the colors most beneficial for sleep. The study also found that red and purple are the worst bedroom color choices. Red can increase one’s heart rate, while purple tends to stimulate the brain and imagination.

Quieten the space

It seems obvious, but we cannot emphasize enough: you are sure to get more rest if your bedroom is free from noise and disruptions.

This fact is why you might want to think twice before placing a television or a radio in this particular room. Silence is the ultimate sleep companion.

For some people, however, noisy neighbors or busy street sounds present factors outside of their control. The only solution? White noise. It is easy to purchase a white noise machine online or download a white noise app on your smartphone (usually for free).

Another alternative is to buy a fan and switch it on every night before bedtime. A soft whirring sound is an excellent form of white noise. Plus, the cool breeze will also play a role in helping you to drift off faster.

The bottom line

By implementing the advice above, you are sure to set up a bedroom where you will enjoy many hours of soothing, uninterrupted rest. Say good-bye to insomnia and constant night-waking for good!

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