How to Shop for the Perfect Sofa

Shopping for a sofa can be tricky – you’ll have budget, style and comfort all to take into consideration. If you have kids or pets, you might also be looking for something stain resistant! Here’s some top tips for picking a great sofa:

Measure the space

It’s so important to measure the space but you’d be surprised how many people don’t manage to do this! You’ll end up with a huge sofa crammed into a room overwhelming it, or a tiny chair in a big corner that looks lost. Measure the space and take pictures to take it with you to the sofa shop.

Take your time

There’s plenty of sofa shops to choose from and many run deals at certain times of year. So take your time and hold out if you know a sale is coming! You also might find you change your mind in regards to style or material in that time. It’s a big purchase, so don’t rush!

Buy accessories separately

Don’t feel pressured to buy the cushions or throws advertised or sold in the sofa shop. You can buy much better options elsewhere (usually for a better price.) You can use online tools like OKA’s cushion arranger, to see how certain cushions would look together, and how to pull the look off. That way, you can try something dramatic or ‘out there’ without committing! Many sofas are made by the cushions and throws that are on it. A sofa can look bare without its accessories!

Sit on it

It might sound crazy, but some people order sofas online without trying it out first. Find the sofa showroom and go and try out the chair before you buy it. Try sitting on it, lounging on it, lying on it – figure out how it supports your head, feet and so on. If it isn’t comfy, don’t get it. Ask your other half how they feel about it – get several opinions.

Consider the material

Are you going for leather, or fabric? Look at this handy guide to help make up your mind. Leather, for instance, can be easier to wipe down if you have kids or pets, but it can feel cold in the winter months and sticky in the summer.

Combination of chairs

Think about what you need and then what would look good – a 3 seater, and then a 2 seater? Or 2 chairs? Draw up a plan of how you’d angle them in your living space and how they work with other items in your room, such as a coffee table. You might need to re-think your old furniture around your new chairs. Getting a new sofa is a good chance to re-think the whole style of your living room. Often people use it as an excuse to redecorate completely.

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