How To Sit On A Bidet Seat

With bidets increasing in popularity, your first use is coming; whether you eventually have to use one or come around to purchasing your own.

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While they seem unfamiliar, bidet seats are easy to use and provide a better cleanse than what you’re used to. 

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Manual Bidet Seats

Manual bidet seats have been around forever, and using them is as easy as turning a  knob. These systems come with posterior and feminine washes across the board and are often limited aside from that. Sit like you normally would, ensuring that you are in a natural position on the seat, and turn the knob when ready. Toilet paper may be needed, but only as a means to dry after you are finished with your bidet. 

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Electric Bidet Seats

With electric bidet seats, all the basics are the same as manual bidets and normal toilet seats. The way you sit will not change, but the operation may be a little different. Electric bidets like the BB 2000 can be equipped with all kinds of advanced features like temperature control, nozzle oscillation, and massaging, which you will operate with a remote control. It is a great idea to farmiliarize yourself with the user manual, as every system will have its own characteristics and restrictions.


Like normal toilet seats, bidets should not be slammed or mistreated if you are looking to prolong its lifespan. Bidet seats also have suggested weight limitations, which should be followed to avoid injury and/or damaging the seat. Not every bidet toilet seat lid is made to be sat on either, so applying your weight to the lid can damage or break the seat. If your seat is designed to open or close automatically, the buttons/controls should be utilized to avoid wearing down components. 

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Bidet seats are surprisingly simple to use, as long as you know the rules and restrictions that come with your system. Reading the user manual and properly treating your bidet will ensure years of quality use and a full understanding of all the functions. Know the limits of your seat, and plop down like you normally would!

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