How to track daughter’s phone without her knowing


Reading newspapers is all it takes for parents to get severely concerned about the safety of their daughters. But let us face it, technology does not help either. Parents have been reluctant when it comes to giving their daughters cell phones and often wish to trace her cell phone. This tends to put parents in negative light, however, very often; it is not an urge to control that drives parents but a concern for the safety of their child. And let’s face it; technology does not make the lives of parents any easier.

It is this fear of online predators that causes anxiety amongst parents; however, if the child is informed, it might lead to a disturbed environment at home.

It is for this reason that parents wish to keep things silent as they spy on their daughters.

This is a free phone tracker app. It does not create a dent in the pockets and provides the following features.


It can locate them no matter where they are.


This is another software that allows parents to trace their daughter without her detecting it. Now let us take a look at its features.

It works in all systems such as windows, apple, and android

 Looks after call logs, video calls, SMS, media files and social media.

Xnore Cell phone tracker app assists parents with keeping an eye on their daughters without anyone finding it out. Look at the diagram given below to gain further acquaintance with this highly efficient software.

Copy  9 is another cell phone tracker that can be used by those parents who are immensely worried about their daughters. The diagram given below shows various features of the same.

One more app we bring to your notice in this article is FlexiSpy. Look at the diagram given below to understand its various features. Look at the diagram below to understand this further.

As mentioned previously, there are various options available as far as the tracing of your daughter’s phone is concerned. Just like other apps, this too has several features which can serve your purpose of keeping a track of


the activities of your daughter. Look at the image given below to understand the features of this app in further detail.

These are the apps which assist paranoid parents with keeping a track on the daughter in the times of crisis.

Now we present to you one website that would solve your multiple concerns regarding the safety of your daughter, this website is

Look at the diagram given below to understand various features of this dynamic, efficient and convenient website when it comes to keeping a track of your daughter’s activities and surroundings. There are number of ways in which this website can be of help to parents. The Diagram would give you further information about the same.

Besides helping the parents keep an eye on their daughters, this website also has its own quirks! It entertains you in various ways, go to the link given in the beginning of the paragraph to gain acquaintance to use the love calculator or learn about your past life. For those of you who enjoy having hearty laugh, this website has its own dose of humour to provide you. Look at the image given below to understand how this website fulfils all the functions mentioned in the diagram.

Through this website, you can track your daughter’s activities through landline, her vehicle number and her mobile number. This website solves several of your problems regarding your daughter’s safety at one place.

This article makes it apparent to the readers that there are several options available to parents who wish to always know the activities of their daughters. It is important to not mistake their concern for rigorousness. These apps merely serve the purpose of concerned parents to be there for their daughters if such a situation arises. The aim of such apps is to reduce the vulnerability of daughters to any potential perpetrators, whether they try to cause harm online or offline, such apps and websites can salvage the situation. However, it is consequential to not misuse these apps. The existence of such apps and websites should not give rise to mindless paranoia and empty suspicions.

It is important that these technological developments are put to a decent, logical and justified cause. They should not be used irrationally. It would affect the safety of women adversely if these apps and websites were to fall in the hands of stalkers. Therefore, they should be made keeping in mind their holistic impact.

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