Ideas For Lighting The Decking Area In Your Yard

Your backyard is your space to enjoy the outside away from the hustle, bustle and hassle of the rest of the world. Your yard may already have decking fitted; it was a particular popular optional extra just 10 – 15 years ago. In fact, the trend hasn’t changed; it is still popular today and for good reason.

A well put together piece of decking can make your yard useable in virtually any weather and it looks good. However to really get the most from this addition to your home you need to consider lighting the decking area.

Before you decide on the right light option it is advisable to get some professional advice. Visit to arrange a site visit. They can check your current supply and cabling to provide you with an honest opinion regarding the safety of adding lighting to your decking area. You will find their advice invaluable.

Once you are sure this is a project you wish to go ahead with you may wish to consider the following ideas:

In Floor Lighting

One of the most popular ways of lighting your decking is to add small lights into the floor, facing upwards. These will appear to twinkle from a distance and can add an almost magical effect to your decking.

However, if the lights are too bright they can be blinding if you look down as you walk. This means they may not be the best for your needs.

Barrier Lighting


Another option is to add lights to the safety barriers. These will need to be rated for outside use but any cables can be neatly hidden within the barrier. This type of lighting will illuminate the edge of the decking and provide a soft hue across the rest of the decking. This is great for relaxing and star gazing but not as good if you wish to read or do any other activity in your yard.

Off The House

A common solution is standard spot lights which are outside rated and mounted to the outer wall of your home. These can be directed to provide light where you need it and are generally the easiest to add as the wires can be secured to your home.

These will provide excellent light quality; you can even add different circuits to control the level of light you have. You may even want to add a dimmer into your circuit to ensure you have the right level of light every time.

It is worth noting many outside systems need transformers which can add a considerable amount of cost to your project.

On The Steps

Finally, it is important to add lighting to your steps. The best option is not one that shines upwards but one that shines in the direction of your arrival. Lights which shine upwards are blinding and can leave you feeling disorientated or even make you trip over. This is not something you want to do!

Whatever your decision it is important to be safe when working on electrical items; not all mistake are visible but all can be deadly.

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