Ideas to Help You Better Keep Your Child’s Room Organized, No Matter the Size of the Space

One of the age-old battles that continues is parents yelling to their children to clean up their rooms. It happens day in and out and has been for many years. From the Saturday chore list to having guests come over, your child’s room appears on the to do list over and over.

But, what if you could trust your child to keep their room clean and organized all the time? You can! In fact, we will provide you with some ideas and tips that can help you organize your child’s room and keep it that way.

  1. Look at the room from your child’s perspective.

You likely look at your child’s room from your perspective and this can lead to creating an organized room that works for YOU and NOT your child. Take a moment to look at your child’s room from their view – yes, this means getting on your hands and knees or sitting on the floor.

To be able to organize your child’s room and help keep it organized, you need to make sure the organizational and storage solutions you put into place work for them. Here are some more pro tips that can help:

  1. Don’t just toss everything around the room – find a place for it or trash it.

It can be easy to say, “Let’s clean and organize your room,” and only mean you toss everything into the closet or out of sight. The purpose behind organization is to organize, which means you need to sit down and sort through the items and find a home for them.

If you cannot find a home for the items, it may be time to simply throw them out or donate your unused items. You nor your child want to hold onto items just because – everything needs a home and purpose.

  1. Include your child in the process of organization.

As a parent, it is likely easier for you to just say let me do it and then proceed to do it. While it may save you some time and a headache, it accomplishes nothing for your child.

You want to involve your child as much as possible in the organization process. You and your child should spend one day going through everything and organizing. This way, they know exactly how to organize and where to put the items as well. The goal here is for your child to organize and keep the room organized without your help.

  1. Label what needs to be labeled.

If your child has a lot of items that need to be organized, do not be afraid to label the items. For example, one bin can be labeled art supplies while another is labeled Legos. This makes it easier for your child to find the items and not have to dump out every bin to find what they are after.

Encouragement Goes a Long Way

Always, always, always encourage your child to keep organizing and cleaning. You will find that over time, it comes natural to them.

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