Improve Your Bathroom Design with EGO, Corian Sinks from antoniolupi

Innovation and the continous research and identification of new ideas make the Tuscan company, antoniolupi, to get noticed in the design and manufacturing of bathroom furniture and accessories for the past fifty years in Italy and abroad as well. One of their latest product is “EGO”, a corian sink defined by colour and minimalism. Why colour? Because nowadays colour, in its variety of tones, became an essential element in designing any room and creating the right balance between body and mind.

In fact, it’s not a secret anymore that studies shows that colours have also psychological effects on us, being able to create a certain state of mind and induce a positive feeling or on the contrary, a negative one. “EGO”, like other other beautiful bathroom collections from antoniolupi with a color chart amazingly large, underlines the antoniolupi’s research which put great emphasis on studies on colours and their combinations.

With sleek cylindrical form, this corian sink is unabashedly contemporary and available in a new extensive range of colors and with matt finishes allowing for individual expression to unfold. There are twenty nuances available for it from neutral/ natural tones and grey tones, to bright ones. With “EGO” you add personality to your bathroom space, enhancing its design, and creating, with the help of bold and bright hues, a fresh and positive atmosphere too. See here some examples of the beautiful corian sink. Our preferred is the one in blue prussia!

 Photos  © Antonio Lupi Design S.p.A.

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