Incredible Bedroom Design Ideas for Student’s Bedroom

As a student, you probably have a small bedroom but this does not mean you can’t find ways to express your personality in its design and create a comfortable space where you feel at home.

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A small bedroom certainly does not have to be boring and you can make it Instagram-worthy without blowing your budget by using the right combination of colors and textures. Efficient storage solutions can make it look organized and calm instead of cluttered and untidy. 

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Don’t be afraid of patterns and color

Adding pops of color is one of the best ways to brighten up a dull room. Soft furnishings are a great way to do this. As your bed takes up a fair amount of floor space, using the right bedding can make it a real centerpiece to brighten up the room. 

Good quality bedding does not have to cost a fortune. If it is neutral, a pretty throw and scatter cushions in your favorite colors will offer a contrast and immediately bring warmth and personality to your space.

Use efficient and stylish storage solutions

Small student rooms are in danger of looking cluttered and untidy. Using functional storage solutions can make a real difference. Buying plain boxes and covering them with wallpaper or painting them can provide a storage option for many smaller articles, such as little treasures, underwear or socks. 

Over-the-door folding storage will also help to maximize your space. Hooks and organizers are inexpensive and help you control clutter unobtrusively so your decor takes center stage. 

Experiment with lighting

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Personalize your hangers

If you don’t have the luxury of a closed wardrobe, you can turn your open wardrobe with its visible hangers into a feast for the eyes. 

Instead of using mismatched hangars, it is affordable to buy a whole set of matching hangars and transform them to match the other decor in your room. All this takes is covering them with fabric or painting them with gold spray paint to give them a more luxurious look. 

Get arty

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If you are not allowed to hammer nails into the wall, you can use peel away hanging tabs for artwork or even prop prints on surfaces. A selection of prints of different sizes that stick to a theme or palette will make you feel inspired and add creative appeal to your room. 

You can even create a unique side table by painting some old books in the same color and then gluing them together. A side table is very handy for a lamp and it can help extend your desk space. 

Add greenery

No room decor is complete without some greenery. Houseplants provide a welcome splash of green and they have various other benefits besides their aesthetic appeal. They provide fresh oxygen and can help calm stress.

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Aloe vera, spider plants and cacti are just some houseplants that do not require much maintenance. If you keep forgetting to water your plants, you can even use some fake plants. 

Add a rug

Rugs have the ability to change the look of a room. Adding a homely rug that contrasts with the flooring will bring a feeling of comfort to your space.

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A sheepskin rug is a good option because it is easy to maintain. Think about getting out of bed in the winter to attend a morning lecture and being able to step onto a warm rug instead of a cold floor. 

A final word

There are many different ways you can turn your student bedroom from dull to colorful and inspiring. Use soft furnishings with patterns and color, experiment with storage and lighting, add some plants and a rug to give personality to your space and make it more comfortable. Layers of texture and a dash of creativity can make it into your own haven you look forward to coming back to after attending lectures. 

Author’s Bio:

Vendy Adams works as a litigation attorney at a renowned law firm while helping students with thesis and dissertations as a freelancer. She is using her freelancing in the academic writing industry as a way to keep her research skills honed so she can further her studies and get a doctorate. In her free time, she likes to explore the outdoors, go paddleboarding, and meditating.

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