Innovative Kitchen Idea: Chomp by Eric Pautz

Chomp is one of that futuristic kitchen appliances that makes you imagining your household 40 years ahead. Designed by Eric Pautz in collaboration with Fernanda Filippin, this fascinating concept is innovative from all aspects, both at functional and aesthetical level. Thanks to its clever and ingenious design, Chomp is a toaster, sandwich maker and grill in the same time. While it’s fashionable shape and size and stylish design would complement any kitchen modern interior, the combination of three great functionalities would make your meal more enjoyable than ever. Chomp will automatically adjusts sandwiches of varied thicknesses through a sophisticated pressing mechanism and features open and closed configurations for for preparing sandwiches, toasts, fried eggs, grilled meat, waffles, and many more. Moreover, these operations will be easily selected thourgh a touchscreen display. This product won the concept award in 2011.

Photos: © Eric Pautz.

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