Innovative Lighting Concept: Grass Lamp by Marko Vuckovic

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for designers and architects, who never stop to amaze us (positively of course) with their  stunning projects that go far beyond our imagination. The Grass Lamp celebrates this relationship between design and nature, which becomes more evident nowadays, when there is a real interest in creating sustainable homes and integrating natural elements in their interiors.

Designed by young industrial designer Marko Vuckovic from Serbia,  the Grass Lamp is a really innovative lighting concept that maybe you haven’t imagined at all, but you certainly would like to see it in reality, given that it’s not yet in production. What makes it so special and unique among so many attractive and original lamp designs in stores, besides its creative white UFO-looking shape, it has the ability to grow a plant inside your house thanks to a method, hydrophonic, that uses mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil, to grow plants.

Yes, you heard right, a perfect functional lamp, which has a dedicated place for growing real grass. How does it sounds? Quite impressive we guess. It’s like having a piece of nature right next to you, which is one of the best ideas for nature lovers and everyone who likes greenery into their living areas, and also an ingenious solution for small house space. Made of light PVC plastic material, the Grass Lamp is cleverly designed with hydroponic light, which enables the grass to grow, and a thin frame so the grass have adequate space for water. Once added to your home decor, it will instantly enhance its beauty thanks to its modern look and natural element that it has it, the grass. The hydroponic light will provide a soft glow into your room, bringing warmth and creating a comfortable atmosphere. It comes in three editions: stand, bar and wide edition. Which one do you like most to have it

Photos © Marko Vuckovic


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