Innovative Seating Design by Fenny Ganatra

This year, young and passionate Indian designer Fenny Ganatra exhibited at the 2012 Maison&Object Show in Paris and at the Spoga Exhibition in Cologne, Germany her latest seating design, which is her first commercial product and is truly an innovation in design terms.  Bounce chair, as it is called, is a new seating experience which is making waves, gaining already the 2012 Red Dot Design Award Honorable Mention. This chair or hammock as you want to call it, is unique and very attractive, consisting of a special combination of silicone and polycarbonate in its design, which allow suspension and also a great resistance and load capacity.

It’s a great as well as an interesting combination of form, function and technology, all put together to offer a fantastic flying experience for those who want to try it’s “bounciness”. Based on ergonomics studies and countless cycles of testing, Bounce chair’s minimalistic contemporary design with a  playful and unconventional form is what draws attention at first sight. Its webbing style knit along with the color schemes consisting of six different vivid color combinations which allow for sleek (black base, black or blue knit), summery (white base, red or white knit) and idiosyncratic (transparent base, pink or green knit) demeanors, and its polycarbonate body make Bounce a joyful complement to any modern interior design.

What we like at this chair is that the designer does not compromise the functionality for the sake of form, but follows one of the other and complement each other in an original manner. It’s designed ergonomically for spinal and lumbar support, so besides the fact that is stylish and practical, it’s also very comfortable: the seat consists of the proper amount of silicone web of cords which adjust themselves to the weight of the body and accommodate a variety of ways you can sit.

You never have to worry about breaking the net because the seat has been tested 10,000 times with a load of 150 kg and over 72 hours of continuous weight loads. So, besides it’s extremely lighweight appearance, the chair is perfect for both the indoors and outdoors because it’s waterproof and strong. Undeniably fashionable and practical, this seating design innovation will bring comfort and relaxation anywhere you want and will also add great value to your decor. We’re already in love with this product. What about you? Share with us your opinions.

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