Inspiring Design Concept for Google Office in Mexico

As we are used to the awesome google offices designs around the world, this one from Mexico City is as inspiring as any other across the globe.  The Google Office in Mexico was designed by SPACE Arquitectura Mexicana and stands out due to its bright colored appearance and joyful ambiance. Here, they embrace a simple yet imspiring design concept: the experience of browsing the web, making the transition between the real world and the cyber space. The office’s layout can be divided in three: a formal space, where all the workstations, meeting rooms and private offices are;  a frugal space where you can find all the huddles and lounges for informal workspaces and the magnificent open terrace that domains the most beautiful view of Mexico City. The different colors and layers give a certain sense of individuality and represents different ambiances/options that you have to choose from when you step into the virtual world. Designed as an open work space, the office refletcts very well the Google brand image which says: we’re young, dynamic and passionate about what we’re doing.  Because food and catering is really important for company to offer their employees, the kitchen is an important part in the design, so it turned out to be a very industrial like space with the tetchiest fixtures. Another important aspect but not least is the fact that Google office in Mexico follow green guidelines such as low VOC´s materials, green carpeting, certified wood, and recycle bins.

Photos: © Willem Schalkwijk.

Project details:

DESIGN: SPACE (Juan Carlos Baumgartner, Jimena Fernández Navarra)
TEAM: Carlos Juárez, Luis Monroy
LOCATION: Reforma 115 piso 22 Mexico City
AREA: 850 m2




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