Even though a bed is used for very functional purposes such as sleeping, and regenerating but it has so much more to offer than that. It is also an element that will set the aesthetics of the whole room, meaning it will determine the holistic appearance of what you want your bedroom to be. If you are looking to add some vintage and antique aesthetics to your room then a wrought iron bed is the way to go for you. An iron bed can sound daunting as it usually falls under the category of royal design but we will show you how there are so many simple ways as to how you can add a wrought iron bed to your bed room.

Black wrought iron beds

You can either go for a completely black iron bed, or with a bed a bed that has some gold detailing in case you want to really go with the antique vibe. The shimmery gold of the bed will be beautiful in a plain simple room that has white walls, which will really make the bed stand out and add to the vintage aesthetic of the whole room. However, if gold is too much for you then you can just stick to a completely black iron bed, which will really give a cosy feeling to the whole room, if you pair it with some beige or neutral coloured bedding.

Canopy iron beds

If you want your bedroom to have a fairy tale vibe to it, then you should strongly consider a canopy iron bed. It might sound very bold, but it will be perfect if you want to create a dreamy and romantic setting for your bedroom. The key to pulling this bed off is that the rest of the bedroom should be very minimalistic, otherwise it can all be a little overwhelming. This means that you use neutral or white tones in the rest of the bedroom in order to tone it down.

Charming white iron beds

If you really want to make your bedroom a feminine space, then a white iron bed with a feminine design is perfect for you. It will give your bedroom a rustic yet chic and sophisticated spin to it. The white colour of the colour will really give the whole bedroom a touch of softness.

Bold coloured iron beds

These beds are for people who want to give their bedrooms a quirky and hipster vibe, as the colours will really stand out in the bedroom such as bright yellow, red and orange. It might sound daunting, but you can totally pull these funky colours off as long as you know how to contrast them with the rest of the bedroom.

You can be assured by now that wrought iron beds are very easy to pull off. Just like any piece of furniture you need to know how to compliment it with the other elements in your room.

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