Japanese design in Home Decorating

Japanese design is very popular lately. Desired homes decor and style of decoration over the modern Asian style are  both inspired from Japan and China. Most often Japanese design-style decor is called Feng Shui, which can be translated as wind (feng) and Water (shui).

These techniques are based on Asian decorating concept, that space and positioning objects.
It is a decoration that involves many symbols, such as statues of Buddha, or prints and shapes to dragons are thought to generate positive energy inside your home, while dispelling evil spirits in your home.
The Japanese believe that house decoration and furniture is very important, allocating resources in real time, money, and giving spiritual image by choosing the correct trend of certain styles of furniture with their culture.
A very important element in Asian decorating style is the light, Asian interior design lamps have a very important and can have a very expressive design, we found covered with rice paper lamps that have been cut or print different images, which light passing through these papers to increase the coverage map images placed on the lamp, making a very interesting project on the surrounding walls. Besides rice paper, we find used to cover lamps and silk.

Feng Shui symbolism

It is related to the five essential elements of the world: water, wood, earth, fire and metal, these elements. Before physicists to discover, the Chinese believed that both the living and the inanimate things are in constant motion is hard to believe, but if you look deeper you will see that this theory all objects are composed of atoms and molecules that are in a continuous interaction energy emanating around them. This energy affects all of us emotionally and behaviorally.

How are all these theories and interior decoration items incorporating?
A house where all things are scattered randomly and crowded can affect our emotions in a negative sense.
Asian decor colors used are very important: that blue and green denotes health, wealth can be expressed by a purple, red can symbolize the attraction and power.

Metal in Asian interior design

Design is very important, the metal is widely used in interior decoration as metal became a permanent part of modern home appliances stainless steel, metal frames, chairs, bed frames, or even coffee tables .
Decorated with metal can feel the cold, harsh, if not balanced with some warmer colors and the metal to be combined with wood and other materials used in design.

Asians make sense especially in mobile metal asociindo with moods and feelings of logevitate, permanent power, symbol of wealth, such metals are used to enhance and control the energy in a house or in an office.
The next pictures show some elements of Asian furniture and decor ideas from designer passionate about this topic.



 Photos: © KRONSTADT YOSHIMURA – San Francisco.

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