Kids Bedroom for 2017

Every designer has their expertise & at Kanika Design ours is the use of color! It is our goal to make your dream space come to life, so we don’t hesitate when it comes to introducing & trying out new colors to enhance your space!

We met our client Andrew at a local Starbucks whom immediately wanted to get started on this residential interior project in San Mateo. Andrew & his daughter were soon about to move into their new apartment & we had three weeks to completely furnish the kitchen, living/dining room, & daughters room.

Andrew really wanted to create a home like atmosphere for his daughter so we decided to go with a mid century modern theme that would fulfill his wish. His daughter was extremely in love with pink & wanted to decorate her space with all pink colors.

Although pink is a very lovely color we wanted to empower her to use extra colors and introduced her to blending in some pops of teal, orange, & neutral colors that would help balance out her room without overpowering it with all pink.

To conserve space we used a side table that also turned into a study desk & to add some more fun to her space I decorated her room with a floral mirror & heart shaped fixture on the walls, floral lamps, & decorative pillows. In the end she really appreciated the color suggestion & loved how her room turned out!

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