Loft conversion design ideas

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There are various merits of having a loft converted; for example, it can expand your home’s living space while remaining cost-effective.

However, think meticulously about how your converted loft should be designed. This loft is, after all, a space capable of throwing up various design implications which wouldn’t always apply if you were to revamp other parts of the house. Here are just some ideas to get you thinking.

Open up the possibilities with an open plan

Another benefit of a loft conversion is how it can enable you to put your loft to a range of residential purposes. A loft can prove especially versatile if you select an open plan design.

To see how alluring such a design can be, look at photos of an open plan loft on the Real Homes website. This loft has been made into a master bedroom and en-suite in County Durham, part of the North East region where loft conversion firm Findley Roofing & Building has made its name, or loft conversions in London by HousUp partners. 

Because your gold… loft has accents

Always believe in your soul, you’ve got the power to know… that, by adding gold accents to a loft, you can make it look more luxurious, as Ideal Home advises.

Given how secluded a loft can be, giving it a bathroom – including a large bathtub in which to relax – makes a lot of sense. However, adding gold taps and gold towel rails can make the space even more visually striking – as can fixing a spiky gold chandelier to the ceiling if it is suitably high.

You’ve got the power when you build a shower

If your loft is going to include a bath, your thoughts might naturally turn to adding a shower as well. Furthermore, wooden beams don’t have to put this idea beyond practical plausibility.

There is the possibility of securing a single sheet of unframed glass with two stainless steel bars for a wet-room-style unit. You could also keep the drain at floor level to prevent sacrificing height of which you really need to make the most.

Fill awkward gaps with storage spaces

Your roof can help give your loft a rather unorthodox shape – and, while that may actually benefit you in providing a unique spark of inspiration for that loft’s design, it poses certain difficulties, too.

For example, the space could have various nooks which appear tricky to fill. However, you could effectively turn such crevices into storage spaces. To that end, you could make a customised wardrobe – and install shelves of various lengths to accommodate sloping eaves.

Choose space-efficient insulation for your loft

If you want to insulate your loft to make it comfortably warmth for a fresh purpose, a local building company could install thin, multi-foil TLX insulation on your behalf. This can be useful if you are keeping your roof’s existing covering, as Homebuilding & Renovating explains.

Meanwhile, if that covering – like tiles or slates – is actually damaged, consider that the same company might be able to provide roof repairs in Leeds or wherever else you live.

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