Long Beach Design Inside And Outside

Water. It sets such a wonderful vibe and creates the brightest of moods when calm. That’s why beach-y home decor is one of the most popular style choices among those who aren’t even near one of the seven seas.

If you want to create a beachy atmosphere in your home, there is now a strong library filled with multiple options to add that beach look to your home. (Just check out Houzz.,com for examples.) Whether you live near a beach in Ocean City, Jersey Shore or Long Beach, you may have caught beach fever, and need a classic water tone to your decor.

Simple And Cheap Tips To Bring The Beach Wave In Your Home

You’ll find that most of these tips will derive from the very things you like about the beach and it’s fun to see how a tiny effort can go far in making your home more relaxing.

Bring The Sunshine In

 Most can say they enjoy going to the beach on a nice hot sunny day, so let the light in! This can be one of the easiest and most simple tips. Letting light in any space, weather you enjoy modern decor or traditional can make the space feel airy.

Having bare windows lets in the most light, but everyone likes some shade and privacy sometimes. By adding white curtains, you can retain that light and airy feeling; if that still keeps the room to right or is not your style, light, colors like baby blue can maintain the atmosphere.

Think of those curtains as if they were beach umbrellas.

Anchors Away


 Like art? Want some fun activities for the kids? You can get creative and draw up some anchors. Get traceables if need be! Or you can simply buy some anchor art and it put around the home.

More advanced users get really creative and start fun DIY projects. Don’t worry, thanks to these helpful people, there’s practically no learning curves because the directions are laid out for you. Plopping an anchor on a clear jar is quite popular and can double as storage.

Have Fun With Your Decor!


 One of the main reasons people love the beach is for the fun times that they can have there. For those trying to get the calm beach look with a twist can add in the tropical flavors usually associated with the beach. Fun pops of yellows, greens, and oranges can add some sweet citrus to your home design.

Think beach (like what can you find at the beach) aiin accessorizing your home. Pillows are a perfect way to do this. If you are really passionate about bringing the beach to your home then don’t be afraid to get a pillow with a crab print on it!

Time to Wash the Sand Off?

Then again it doesn’t have to be. Really love the beach? Take advantage of some soothing beach sounds before bed! Bring the beach inside your home while keeping the sand out!

Want to Keep the Calm and Fun Flowing?

It’s one thing for outer appearances to be intact, but there’s nothing worse than the very water vibe you try to emulate actually ruining your day. When water gets inside your home due to  leaking pipes or storms, what you have is trouble, not a welcome continuation of your beachy theme. The same holds true if you have a problem with  an overflowing dishwasher or locked garbage disposal

With warm weather comes beach fever, and with beach fever comes cookouts! People can get tempted to put just about anything in their garbage disposal! Food that retains water or that is stringy or  fibrous can cause a clogging issue! Be cautious and get help if this still manages to happen. Make sure to have the number for a 24 hour plumber Long Beach, CA close at hand so garbage disposal problems don’t ruin your picnic..

Hit by a storm? Have a leak in the wall that goes unnoticed for a while? In this situation, always contact the most professional water damage restoration companies who will assess the damage, clean it up, and let you know what can be salvaged.

Enjoy your beach inspired home design!

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