Luxury Home Design and Living

Every home should at the very least provide shelter and a modicum of comfort. A luxury home, on the other hand, goes above and beyond these basic amenities and affords the owner a lavish and exquisite environment that can fulfill the wildest needs and desires. Undoubtedly, distinguishing a luxury home from one that is not can be a difficult task, as one man’s basic dwelling is another man’s castle. However, there are a few things that any self-respecting luxury home cannot go without.Luxury-Home-Design

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A Lavish Bedroom

The centerpiece of any bedroom is, well, the bed. When thinking luxury, nothing less than king size is acceptable and, of course, the highest thread Egyptian cotton sheets are a must. A plush headboard and a collection of plump down pillows are also a good idea. Elevated bed platforms continue to be a common feature of luxury bedroom design, and for good reason. Climbing into a lavish bed that is raised from the rest of the room is a rather royal and throne-like experience. As luxury and space go hand in hand, the lavish bedroom also has sample room for a couple of cozy chairs, side tables, vanity tables and of course a mandatory walk in closet and an en-suite bathroom.

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The Bathroom

The master bathroom has great potential for luxury, and can truly ooze class, sophistication and opulence. A high class bathroom should have everything a professional spa would be proud of, such as a jacuzzi, a glass enclosed walk in shower complete with full body jets, and of course a double set of sinks and large well lit mirrors. Other than the amenities, the building materials should also ooze grandeur. Stone and marble are a popular option for floors and walls (heated, of course), and incorporating hardwood elements can go a long way in providing an earthy and natural feel to your bathroom.

The Kitchen

In the world of luxury properties, a spacious kitchen kitted out with the latest gadgets and professional cooking equipment is a strong selling point, as well as a focal point of the home. A spacious commercial-style kitchen complete with a walk in refrigerator, a large central island table and a butler’s pantry are pretty much the standard in a luxury home. While kitchens in luxury homes used to be reserved for the staff and were best left far from sight, they are now an integral part of showcasing a home’s class and sophistication. The luxury kitchen should be able to handle everything, from making a quick breakfast to catering a large party.

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Recreation is where the luxury home truly stands head and shoulders above other dwellings. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools are the definition of luxury, and building basement swimming pools is a popular trend amongst the ultra-rich. Home movie theatres provide a cinema experience without having to leave the house, not to mention being able to pause the movie at your convenience. With the imagination being the only limit, luxury homes can also boast bowling lanes, steam rooms, game rooms, massage rooms and much more.



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