Luxury hotel in New York Mondriansoho

New York the city of love, romance, fantasy, fashion, art, design…well you can say a lot about this city, but among the most important architecture building that exist here, fore shore the luxuries hotels are the most looking pieces. A modern and luxury hotel from New York is  Mondrian Soho  inspired by Jean Cocteau’s 1946 film “La Belle et la bete”, in which Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz creates a seductive experience interior design, where the designer invites guests into a fantasy that offers an escape of an real world.

The rooms are creating in an elegant antique stile, with rich marble floors, white beds, and big glass windows who reveal spectacular views of downtown. Fore more information please visit mondriansoho. This luxury hotel in amazing don’t you think so?



Source: mondriansoho

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