Minimalism and Originality: Vessel Series from Decode

Vessel Series is a special and original limited edition imagined by designer Samuel Wilkinson in collaboration with master-glassblower Stewart Hearn for London-based firm Decode. Consisting of three blown glass lighting fixtures inspired by a “ship in a bottle”, the hand-made nature of this edition embodies modern British design cleverly combining functionality and aesthetics. The eye-catching Samuel Wilkinson’s work is unique and ingenious due to cuts across individual angles creating attractive forms that seems to celebrate the bulb from a different perspective.

Which is very interesting to these lighting fixtures‘ shapes when the tinted glass is illuminated is that they were made specifically to show off not to conceal the flowing forms of the Plumen 001, a beauty in its own right. The chaos of the bulb is nice juxtapose to the minimalism of the glass, producing unexpected irregular reflection that appears holographic. Mouth blown tinted glass is available in either sepia, green or dark grey and the limited edition of Vessel Series includes only 20 products.

Photos: © Decode.


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