Minimalist Apartment Design In Bucharest Uncovering Luxury Finishes

Located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania, V Apartment, which we are presenting you today, was completely transformed both in terms of design and spatial arrangement. During one year, Romanian designers from Studio 1408 manage to accomplish the design concept of this particularly splendid 150 square meters (1614 square feet) apartment. With a clean and minimalist look, softened by texture and accents of rich color, V Apartment showcases a truly modern and appealling interior that fits with the busy life in an European capital city.

Its space division was rearranged in order to satisfy the requirements of style, space and functionality and  after redevelopment, it is more adapted to the particular needs of the owner. If initially the layout of the apartment included a living room area with open kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and an office, now it displays a totally different space distribution with an entry area complete with a big storage space that cleverly separates the corridor from the living room, a living room area with open kitchen and terrace, one expansive bedroom with access to an intimate terrace, large walk-in closet, and an en-suite bathroom with a separate laundry area.

The overall aspect is characterized by simple forms and pure lines that are complimented and in the same time highlighted by the richness of the gorgeous solid wood flooring from Listone Giordano. To enlarge the feeling of the space in the apartment and ensure that it was spacious, free flowing and clutter free, designers add minimalistic furniture pieces with plenty of hidden storage solutions . The use of dark, deep colors in combination with glossy surfaces in the kitchen add character, and create an elegant and sophisticated ambience.

The concrete walls used in the living room and bedroom not only is an element that ranks high in originality here, but also contribute to a modern design with industrial accents. To create a balance in this composition and energise the apartment space distinguished by grey tone chromatic, they insert curry yellow sofas and the purple accessories in the living room and in the bedroom too.

The living room area features luxury finishes and beautiful pieces of contemporary furniture: the solid wood flooring features a handcrafted surface finish with incredible results that compliment the matte white furniture pieces in the living area, and the glossy grey ones in the kitchen. The beautiful minimalistic kitchen cabinets with concrete countertops create a clean background for the living room.

Grey tones are interestingly contrasted by bright and cheerful splashes of colors in the bedroom unit, the concrete wall and modern furniture items reinforcing the contemporary aspect of the apartment. The bathroom zone has an interesting space divizion: a central wall separates the space into three different areas and creates a focal point with the help of amazing ceramics and furniture pieces.

Photos © Studio 1408


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