Minimalist Three-Legged Chair by Albert Puig

Simple, yet sophisticated furniture pieces are becoming more and more popular these days. They are very appealing and draw attention instantly thanks to their intriguing forms that most of the time are between art and functionality. AlterEgo is an interesting chair with a creative design envisioned by young designer based in Barcelona Albert Puig. The idea behind his project was to translate his personality -his being- into a common, everyday object. Complex, daring and dual are three adjectives that truly represents the designer and that are found also in this latest work.

Fascinated by the experimental design and crafts, Albert Puig plays with materials and forms to create functional, yet unique objects. AlterEgo chair features a strong formal complexity, which is paradoxically simple designed: through the repetition of an element consisting of two triangles. This geometric repetition led to a clean and symmetrical structure characterized by aggressive yet sophisticated lines that initially transmits you an uncomfortable feeling when looking at it. Made of beech wood, the chair structure has three legs and its unsual backrest support is especially designed to adapt to the lumbar area, offering a greater feeling of freedom to the spinal column. That triangles seems to perfectly fits our positions, according to designer’s description.

Photos © Albert Puig


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