Modern and Glamorous Design Defining a Club in Bucharest, Romania

Romanian designers from Square One renovate a basement of a residential house in the center of Bucharest and transformed it into an eclectic glamorous night club. The Shade Club reveals a modern design that reflects the scandalous history of the venue. It is an interesting project having a mysterious concept with a touch of humor due to the fact that before it was closed,  the location had a notorious and even dark past related to the Romanian interlope world. Described as a place where you relieve stress and suppressed emotions of the day, where you can yourself, escaped from the conventions and prejudices bodice that surrounds you every day, the Shade Club seems like a ghostly house animated by the EGO of a small dog. Having a very small space segmented in 3 different spaces, designers thought to create different graphic patterns and designs that links the spaces. The glamorous appearance, chic combination of black, white and silver, together with the spectral lighting creates a special and refined atmosphere highlighting the elegant and stylish designs. Wall graphic design is handmade.

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