Modern Cabinets with Character and Colourful Identity

Eye-catching dynamic design, functionality and carefully chosen materials are cleverly combined by Swedish design studio A2 designers to create such good looking modern cabinets perfect for many types of interiors. They try to come up with new and revolutionizing ideas, thus designing creative and distinct furniture items with a heritage from the Scandinavian furniture tradition, genuinely produced by their own  furniture brand A2.

Amongst many original and fresh ideas of furniture that steal your heart found on their website, we admired their splendid collection of cabinets which seem to have nothing in common with any anonymous storage systems. Although each one of these modern cabinets is unique in its way, they have a common purpose:  to store your favourite things and to encourage creative spaces, turning an ordinary, cold and univiting room into a beautiful contemporary setting where everything you do becomes more pleasant than before.

They are so versatile and useful; they can hold you china, your books, even display your favourite art or even flowers. A push mechanism easily opens the doors, making the cabinets conveniently practical to interact with. Clean and classic with only different parts available in various colours, all white, black and white or bold, vividly colored, they are all characterized by striking geometric patterns on doors, some of them even in different levels and no matter your choice is, such models would definitely become a topic of conversation and the change will be great. We think they would be charming both in offices and private homes.

Photos © A2/ A2 designers, Patrik Svedberg and Adam Danielsson.


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