Modular Solutions for Today’s Offices from Darran

As mentioned in a previous post, mobile and modular solutions that work in a variety of configurations and adapt to the changing working environment are today’s office furniture. RIFT Collection from Darran, which will show you today, is a great new Made-In-America casegood collection launched this month at NeoCon -North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors.

This exciting new office furniture collection is a result of a collaborative work between DARRAN team and design industry superstar David Allan Pesso who holds licenses for more than 300+ furniture designs, and has been awarded 18 design patents. Created for modern times and with a design inspired by Mies Van der Rohe’s Seagram’s Building and the tenants found in the 20th C. International Style, the furniture collection’s goal is to meet clients’ needs who require functional solutions for individuals who have different attitudes and work styles and share the same space. RIFT Collection offers highly flexible and modular solutions that places functionality, advanced technologies for materials and the modern, liniar aesthetics of minimalism at the top of its priority list.

Its manufacturing style allows it to support multitasking, focused individual work, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in private offices as well as in open spaces offices. With material rich options ( reconstituted [tech-grain] veneer, steel, aluminum, glass, paint, etc.), clients can for example to create their own sophisticated table configurations with integrated sit mechanism depending on their desires and of course the available workspace. What is even great at these beautiful pieces of furniture is that they are designed to have a minimum environmental impact, making use of Environmental Urethane Technology, which it’s a high-end furniture coating with superior performance in appearance and durability that meets today’s environmental standards, improves indoor air quality and assists with LEED requirements.


 Photos: © Darran.


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