Moving Moments – What To Look For In A Removalist

If you are looking for a reputable removalist company in Australia, there are several steps you can take to avoid any unpleasant surprises throughout the moving process. Whether these might be uninsured and damaged personal effects or hidden fees you were not expecting, events like these can be avoided with a little vetting of your options.

As relocation is typically an infrequent process for most people, it can be difficult to know where to begin when looking for the best removalist company for your needs. However, by taking the time to prepare properly for your move, assess your needs and understand what you require from your moving company of choice, you will be better able to find a removalist company that will deliver when moving day rolls around.

Continue reading to learn what you should consider when choosing a removalist to help you relocate to your new destination with ease.

Make Sure It Appears As A Reputable Company

First, removalists in Sydney and other major cities should at least present themselves as a reputable company on the surface. If this is not the case, then you can be reasonably sure that they are not. When asking for a quote, for example, ensure that the company has done a thorough job of taking an inventory of your belongings as well as a thorough walkthrough of your home to examine everything. Professionals will do a proper job of this before providing you with an estimate. Additionally, details about licensing and insurance should be provided to you in a straightforward way. Never hire a company which is not licensed.

Asking the company representative about any pertinent details should leave you with reasonable answers and a positive feeling. Often, it is best to look for experienced companies. While startups and newer companies may be cheaper, you can be more confident in a company with a longer and stable track record. It is also useful to look for companies with membership in a professional association.

Read Up On References And Reviews

Doing some independent research online or via word of mouth can be highly useful. You will likely be able to find several reviews of your removalist company online, or if they are a less respected group, perhaps they will appear in a complaint registry which can be accessed by savvy consumers. If you cannot find the company online at all, or if they seem to have changed names frequently, perhaps it is best to keep looking for another group. Complete this vetting process for several companies to find one that best suits your individual moving needs.

Get Details In Writing

While a handshake and a verbal agreement can be good enough for some situations, trusting your possessions with a removalist company should require that details be written down on paper. It may seem excessive, but this will avoid any disagreements over changes or modifications to the bill later.

Having a finalised quote rather than a ballpark estimate in writing also ensures that the company will do a thorough job of examining what you are intending to move. This will avoid glitches in the moving process. Be sure to ask for, and get in writing, any information about extra fees so that there are no unexpected surprises. Shipping rates should be provided in a transparent manner and always be sure to avoid companies who seem to bury additional costs or fees in lump-sum line items on your invoice.

Avoid Hassles By Planning Ahead

By putting in some work doing research and contacting multiple removalist companies, you can save yourself a lot of potential issues down the road. Knowing exactly what to expect and getting this information on paper can ensure that your relocation experience is smooth and that your belongings arrive at their new home safe and sound.

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