Multipurpose Cart Concept For Shopping

Designed by Matheus Pinto and Fernando Ximenes, Lévo is an academic project showcasing a multipurpose cart concept ideal for your everyday shopping. This concept is basically a reinterpretation of the well-known shopping carts, but with multiple features. This multipurpose cart stands out for innovative design, modern finish and the simplicity of using it. It’s a perfect product to have because you can carry any sort of objects from shopping bags, ecobags or backpacks. It could be applied in your grocery shopping because will also resolve the problem of needing extra shopping baskets. This cart features detachable aluminum structure, a handle which has a rubber grip and its height can be ajusted, making it easy to carry. Moreover, Lévo has heavy-duty wheels with solid rubber tires which allows it to roll over just about any surface.


Photos from: Behance.

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