New Amazing Bed Headboards by Myrica Design

Have you ever thought that bed headboards can turn your bed into a furnishing accessory of great visual impact? You don’t have to believe us, just take a look at Myrica Design‘s new headboards that we decided to show you today. They are simply amazing! Signed by Swedish designer Myrica Bergqvist, these two new models are part of a larger collection of very special bed headboards.

Her funky cut-out designs show taste and originality ensuring a visually appealing space. Suitable for modern bedrooms, each model is like a piece of art. Simplicity, glamourous, sculptural  eye-catching designs, original shapes are words that describe perfectly these headboards models. They are cut with the laser technique, which allows maximum freedom of creation. LALIQUE headboard is an art deco inspired model in acrylic and the SIR ELTON FOREST, the classic model now in teak veneer.  See some inspiring photos with them!


Lalique Heardboard



Sir Elton John Forest Headboard

Photos: © Myrica Design.


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