New Trend in Home Decorating-Teddy Bear Skin Rugs

Multi-disciplinary artist from Buenos Aires, Agustina Woodgate has initiated an original new trend: teddy bear skin rugs. She has created a collection of rugs called “Skin Rugs.” But these have a special character, the skin being from stuffed animals. The underlying statement of Woodgate’s rug series is the complexity of interconnection and the expanding narrative of human existence. The carpet of this type is identical to that of a natural fur bear, just the texture is different, depending on the toy used. Parties are sewn by hand and thus creating a unique design with a rich color palette. The colors are meant to provoke a nostalgic and spiritual reaction. Those who see them are invited to remember the childhood and meditate on it. She also emphasize through this trend the need of safety and comfort during childhood.






Photos: courtesy of Agustina Woodgate

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