Optical illusion design for Imeuble storage by By Corporation

Everyone likes to have a lovely house with a unique design, and for that, designers tied to produce fantastic effort to satisfy every consumer.

It is getting harder for consumers to choose the best interior design that fit‘s their vision and style. In their support designers and architectures’ developed remarkable futuristic and modern concept transformed in fabulous arts that certainly will catch our attention. A particularly good example is a talented designer Bjørn Jørund Blikstad, who kept the front cover of Wall Paper magazine in all Scandia because of his iconic unique concept design.

Imeuble by By Corporation represents a extraordinarily fancy and futuristic design. It is formed by pieces of cubic storages which are linked between them. In this shelve storage,  you can store books, papers, pens, and other useful things.

Because of its colorized, vibrant image, gives you the feeling of a 2D and 3D illusion. If you look closer these shelves looks to look flat, but then it seems as a wired cubic shape. In reality are just some plastic storage, designed in a way that has more optical effect then it’s simple functionality.

You can say that Imeble is defiantly not an typical storage,  is like an optical illusion design, and is extremely difficult to say if it is an object of art or a piece of furniture for interior design.


source: Imeuble

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