Original House for Birds- Noe by Floriane Rousse-Marquet

Noe is a lovely and interesting house for birds imagined by young industrial designer Floriane Rousse-Marquet, a design project for which she received Bronze in 2010 at IDEA International Design Excellence Award. Fascinated by human behaviors and very interested to observ and study how people interacts with their surrounding objects, she comes up with significant design solutions to answer their daily complex problems. This original and attractive birhouse could be a simple, respectful and afordable solution to a visible and unwanted phenomenon that happens increasingly often: the migration of all kind of birds towards the cities because of the distruction of their natural habitat.

In the long run some of them are able to adapt to human world, but there are also many of them that don’t possess such adaptation capabilities, which together with other factors like precarious shelters, the attack of bigger birds and the inadequate food inevitably lead to their extinction. Noe wants to be shelter for city birds, which allows us to feed them, observe and protect them from balconies -a space that give citizen the opportunity of growing plants while take care of birds in the same time. Featuring an appealing curved shape with a neutral color to fade in nature and plants, Noe is lighweight, made of liquid wood and stackable, being delivered with climbing plants seeds which will act as a camouflage around it.

You can stick on a flower jar or hang up on the balcony thanks to its feet with a pointy end, which acts as well as a guide to the climbing plant. It’s made from two pieces to be more compact and features also to cavities, one on the bottom and one on the top of the object that allow the collection of the rainwater. In this way, you can recreate their ecological nests and accept their presence around your home – you might even find that you have a rare bird in your balcony, who knows?

Photos © Floriane Rousse-Marquet

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