Original Wooden Covers to Personalize and Protect your iPhone

Have you recently purchased an iPhone and you’re searching for original looking covers? Then maybe these awesome wooden skins, crafted by Lazerwood Industries, are the perfect choice for your device. Combining the love for wood and technology, the Seattle-based company creates unique and high quality products to satisfy the clients’ needs and make them happy owning them.  Conceived specifically for Apple’s devices, these thisn adhesive wood backs not only protects the surfaces from scratches and bumps, but also add character and style through constantly updated designs that make your smartphone stand out wherever you are.
Although Lazerwood iPhone 12 covers have the same application method as many other skins on the market, they don’t look at all like “stickers” and don’t make any harm to your iPhone once they’re removed. They age nicely with usage thanks to the real FSC certified wood utilized, which is laser cut with beautiful precision adorning the smartphone without adding bulk . Their anti-residue adhesive makes Lazerwood covers to stick firmly, but in the same time ensuring your iPhone’s back remains as before after you take the covers off. The final result is amazing, the contrast in textures of metal and wood creating a striking appearance. You can select between several types of wood and designs. 

Photos © Lazerwood Industries

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