Our 5 Favorite Pet Furniture Items

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Owning a pet is a full commitment, maybe even more than romantic relationships. We usually spend on fancy treats like raw dog food from Nutriment and medical needs for our pets, but it doesn’t stop there. Just like preparing for a baby we buy all the possible equipment or furniture for them like cribs, walker, play pen etc.

That doesn’t seem like an easy task if your budget is low. However, there are many different ways to pamper your pet on a budget and make sure your furry friend stays happy!

Our pets also need to feel at home and buying them furniture can help them adjust to living with us. It is very important as some furniture is essential for our pets’ well-being.

Here are the five of the most important and beloved pet furniture in the market.

Whether you have a dog or a cat, maybe even a pot belly pig, these adorable pets need a spot to rest and sleep. Some of us might want them to sleep beside us on the bed but it’s always better to give them an option. There are many things that you need to consider when buying your pets’ bed; size, material and design are some of the things to keep in mind.

For instance, you can check out the benefits of raised dog beds, especially for senior dogs. This solution puts less stress on your dog’s joints when it comes to standing up or lying down

Consider your fur baby’s size and make sure you buy a bed where your pet can stretch and sleep comfortably. Your cat’s bed needs to be comfortable and cosy. Having a bed smaller than you pet might cause discomfort and your pet might just end up not using it and would definitely be a waste of money.

Material and design are important things as well. The fabric and support used in your pet’s bed should be of good quality. There are beds that mimic fur and good for younger pets like kittens and puppies as this gives them the impression that they are not alone or sort of cuddling with siblings or their moms. Make sure that the fabric is durable especially for cat owners, as cats sometimes want to scratch the bed before lying down.  

Potties or litter boxes might be considered by some fur parents to be the most important pet furniture out there. Well basically it is where your pets would exhume waste. Just imagine not having one, you would have to clean your kitchen floor or your living room carpet every time your pet excretes waste, which is not a delightful task. Training your dog or cat early on to use a litter box or a potty will help you keep a cleaner home and raise a hygienic fur baby.

Like buying beds, there are tons of litter boxes available in the market. Consider something easy to clean and comfortable for your pet.

Our fur babies love to play, for dogs a play pen would be ideal and for cats who love to climb perches are good to own. The said furniture will help you give you pets an ideal place where they can naturally do what they are good at and not ruin other furniture in your home. Pens give dogs an area where the can be rowdy and not bump and break things.

Perches or cat trees on the other hand will give your cat a place where they climb and rest or watch everything from above, we all know cats love that. Perches will help you avoid unwanted scratch marks on top of expensive cabinets or bookshelves where cats usually hangout.

Before buying a pen or a perch, you need to consider the size of your pet and the area where you will place it. It is always better to buy ones that you can assemble so it is easier to move it from one room to another. Here are some best perches and cat trees available in the market.

Although most us prefer to have our pets safe and secure indoors, pets also need a little sunshine and fresh air from time to time. If you have a back yard it is always useful to have a cage or dog/cat house. Our pets can have a little independence with this as they can outside for few hours without you worrying that they will get wet when it rains, cold when it snows or get heat stroke under the sun.

This might also be useful for adopted pets that are used to being outside. This will help them understand that they are now taken cared for and that they always have a place of their own. Some pregnant pets sometimes want to give birth in dog houses instead of their beds; it is easier for them to look after their young and is more secluded.

This furniture might not be applicable to dogs but is very important for cat owners. Cats have this instinctive urge to scratch and having a scratching post will give them and acceptable place to do it instead of your couch or shelves. Cats scratching your home furniture might leave dents and or small grooves which will be a good place for bacteria to thrive, plus it costs more to get them repaired than buying a scratch post. Scratching posts are very useful because they allow for perching, lounging or climbing. They are available in different designs so you will be able to fit them in your living space. If you are looking for some stylish scratching posts, here are a few designs to choose from.

Show Some Love

There are tons of ways you can show your pet you love them, you can cuddle, give them treats or spoil them a little by providing their essential furniture. They might not say “Thank You Human” directly but seeing them make use of the furniture just means you made the right decision.

Finally, know who you’re buying for. At Tuft + Paw, we make quality cat furniture. But there are different types of speciality stores depending on if you’re looking to house your dog, bird, hedgehog, or other companion.

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