Passion for the unconventional

Innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and passion for the extraordinary need not be limited to hi-tech gadgets or become the sole territory of minds of individuals inside a laboratory or space-station. Allow any ordinary human to dream and think and they are sure to come up with their own set of new ideas or innovative thoughts. Although every idea may or may not see the light of the day, when it comes to a literal translation into reality-many are exceptional and practical, with good possibilities for transcending into reality. Just like many innovations through the generations-most, if not all, are the brainchild of fairly ordinary individuals that had a brilliant spark. Many of the ideas were scoffed at, looked down upon or the individual was openly mocked. Something as ordinary as a bathroom is a space that can become completely transformed when individuals put their thinking caps on-the possibilities are endless.


Innovation need not be limited to the discovery of new techniques or items or ideas but also of reusing what we already have. Renew, Recycle and Reuse-is a great concept, but to implement it in our daily activities, we also need some bright ideas in our minds.

QS Supplies, a bathroom retailer in UK have created some unique and innovative bathroom products and proved that a simple area like a bathroom, can be transformed into an exceptional recreational zone, away from the mundane, giving you extraordinary experiences.

Have a look at these 14 beautiful bathroom design ideas created by QS Supplies that might inspire you and make you embrace them-certainly if you are passionate about conservation. These set of extraordinary products defy the conventional norms, are created with fervor to come-up with something futuristic and unheard of, yet worth adopting.

The Chandelier Shower

Bring an ambience of majestic grandeur in the bathroom by installing the attractive looking Chandelier Shower. Putting to use, Victorian-style old chandelier that once looked dapper in an old mansion but has been since gracing the attic for some years, this shower is sure to wow-one and all.

The Ipad Holder

One of the retardants of enjoying long and luxurious showers, which will leave you rejuvenated, is the lack of time. Certainly the best creations for the modern-day busy individual-is the i-pad holder. This amazing invention is handy, doing away with the risk of accidently ruining your i-pad when you are running short of time and invariably need to take it along into the shower area.

The Barrel Basin

Who would have thought a barrel or cask that has been useful for holding your beer since the days of yore will provide an excellent base for a washbasin, on the same lines as a vanity unit? Not discounting the charm factor that it is sure to bring into your bathroom, imagine how wonderfully, the QS Supplies designers, have put the barrel to good use saving precious natural resources including wood-effectively saving hundreds of trees.

The Recycled Tyre Basin
For that matter, could you have ever imagined your bathroom becoming home to a spare tyre and that too a trendy one for daily use? Presenting, this one-of-a-kind washbasin set, made from re-cycled tyre.

The Tap with a Smart Phone Dock       

Designed to meet the highest standards of the most fastidious homeowner, is this completely fascinating tap. Incorporating an incredibly thrilling combination of phone, music system and a fully functioning bath mixer tap, this one is simply mind-blowing. Crafted from best quality material, it also creates “the look” in the bath area. Even celebrities don’t have it so good.

The Digital Toilet Roll Holder 

The Digital-TP-dispenser allows you the liberty to be careless and unconcerned, by eliminating the manual task of pulling out tissue from the roll. Proves a worthy contender for the “green prize” as it avoids unnecessary wastage of toilet paper by rendering a fixed no of sheets at a time. What’s more, you can pre-set various functions into the system memory.

The Log Basins

Only designers at QS Supplies can make a piece of pipe look so stylish. A spare sewage pipe has been amazingly transformed into a basin. The Chic and dainty, the basin is compact and pretty, mirroring the diameter of the pipe. Tap and waste complete the look while a mirror is a useful addition. The material is top grade pvc, that’s durable and sturdy.


Yes, you are most likely to be astonished with the assortment of products that are made from recycled materials while being very modern and stylish in approach. There is no doubt that each one will prove to be an eye-catching piece and a topic of discussion among family and friends.



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