Perfect Window Treatments for French Doors

Elegance, style and simplicity at times speak a lot to strangers about who we really are. It shows what we portray and believe. Having French doors in your home is a big way of getting all styled up. These doors have a design of in-built window panes that not only add beauty to them but are also ideal when treated to give privacy and control the amount of light into the house.
There are a variety of French doors that you can choose from depending on preference and specifications. Among the ways of making French doors look more attractive is by setting them with window treatments.

Such treatments always exist in three different categories which include hard materials like shades and blinds, soft materials like curtains and drapes, and a combination of both.  When they combine, you will have a layered window treatment.

There is a variety of  blinds for windows to choose from, but the most popular include the following:

Roman shades are the kind of shades you go for when you want to control the amount of natural light penetrating the door, especially sunlight. Roman shades involve window covering with a window fabric. These shades are different from the standard shades in that they are not ribbed when closed or get stuck on each other when opened.

You can access the Roman shades in two forms; the rolling and the stacking shades. The best thing about these shades is that they use internal lifting cords which make your work easier. The other thing is that you are always at liberty when choosing the kind of fabric that you prefer for this shading. If you can get a fabric that blends well with the French door design, then you can rock that elegance.

The wood shade is another type of shades that gives more than blinds, which just makes it a perfect treatment for French door windows.  Woven wood shades are often in the form of soft bamboo or woven grass materials. This kind of shade is different and unique as it brings a luxurious natural look to your living room.

When choosing this, you also need to ensure that it blends with the color, texture and shape of the French door. This shading is common for use when blocking natural light from outside. However, it allows in small amounts of light, but that is something that you can control by an optional liner.

Cellular shades are also another great option of treatment thanks to their ability to hold off light where there is a need. These shades work by trapping air in between the window panes and the shades, creating a barrier between the two surfaces.

This technique is a form of insulation that makes it possible to conserve energy.If you have a narrow French door, then this is ideal as they can be trimmed or chopped to make smaller widths. There is a wide selection of colors to choose from; that matches the French door.

These shades should be purchased with hold down brackets or spacer blocks that prevent them from falling. It is important for the safety of children and pets around the house.

Aluminum blinds are the best shades for window treatment in French doors located at the main hallways and main entrances. When people tend to push doors with force, shades may break or get worn out easily.

That is not the case for Aluminum shades as they are sturdy and resistant to dust. You can either bend or tilt them to control the level of privacy or amount of light that you need in the room.

These shadescome with hold down brackets that prevent clanging noise when opening and closing the door. However, for a better look, it is also important that the French door color and texture blend with that of Aluminum.

The solar roller shades, just like the name suggests, are used to block UV rays from getting their way into the house through French doors. Solar roller shades are available in different colors, textures and fabric that give a great variety to choose from.

Having this shade provides room for customization and modification of French doors into different colors. This shade is good for a sunny French door in the kitchen or on a patio. Just like the other shades, this one must blend with the door too.

We have given you the most popular treatment shades you can have for your French door to add a taste of class and privacy in the panes. French doors depict elegance and good life; treatments should not compromise that.

On that note, it is always advisable when getting pane treatments to go for something that blends well with the French door material in terms of color, texture and quality. 

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