Prefab Cabins are Green

The problem when considering most conventional bricks-and-mortar green homes is that for most people they just are not all that affordable.

One of the more pertinent reasons for this is that with most average American homes environmental sustainability was hardly at the forefront of either the architect’s or the builder’s mind. The majority of homes are therefore too big and far too environmentally costly to build to ever be truly able to wear the environmentally friendly badge.

However, this is precisely why prefab homes like Riverwood prefab cabins are a much greener, smarter and more affordable option.

The place where a green prefab house begins is in a designer’s mind. Because it is a prefab house, the designer cares greatly about creating a home that finds a use for every inch of space in the most intelligent way possible, which means that a prefab house can be quite small without seeming that way.

One advantage is that these prefab cabins have small footprints, which means they cause much less ecological damage when they are being erected, and they also use much fewer materials, which leads to much smaller resource extraction.

Green prefab cabins are also exciting because the model allows designers to incorporate many design features that can be considered green, like water filtration systems and solar panels. These are often an afterthought with many conventional homes, rather an integral part of the original plan.

With log cabins, recycled materials can be used. Riverwood Cabins is known for building log cabins that are remarkable, not least because families and friends are able to pursue their passions and in so doing make memories together.

All of Riverwood’s cabins can be delivered nationwide. They are built in controlled environments, and can be erected in as few as one or two weeks!

There are five models and over 80-floor plans from which to choose and Riverwood’s team is able to assist its customers to customize their cabins so family and friends will be able to enjoy them for many years to come.

Cabin life means doing as little – or as much – as you wish. What could be better than spending time with people you love or basking in much-needed solitude, and knowing that you have a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional homeowners?

Whether you seek wild adventures or want rejuvenation when you step into one of Riverwood’s prefab cabin homes you can leave the worries of life behind. What could be more environmentally friendly than getting back to nature?

Riverwood offers a wide selection of prefab cabins. The possibilities for customizing a dream cabin home with preferred finishes and different layouts are large.

Because customers deal directly with the manufacturer, cost and time are saved. Riverwood Cabins are certified in each state and meet all the building codes.

A Riverwood cabin is a Certified Modular Home that gives the best outcome. Customers benefit from the added sturdiness and can rely on the predictability of a factory-built home with the value and beauty of a traditional home.


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