Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Lucite Computer Desk for Your Office Space

While 2020 made the idea of working remotely more popular due to the pandemic, it appears we won’t be cutting down on remote working anytime soon. Thus, if you’ve been delaying designing your home office space, now might be the right time to do that.

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When setting up any home office, one of the most important questions to consider is “What desk will be best?” This question makes sense seeing as your office desk is a significant piece that you’ll be using for your work. Nonetheless, when buying a suitable lucite computer desk for your work, several factors to consider are shape, style, and storage.

Are you ready to shop for a lucite computer desk or any other type of office desk? Check out these pro tips for choosing the right desk for your office space? We’ve broken it down for you. Stick with us to the end to get the steps to selecting the right office desk for you, your work style, and your room. 

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Decide How to Use the Desk

Before looking for a desk, first, decide on what you’ll use the desk for. Will you be doing lots of finance or creative work requiring a wide surface? Do you mostly work on your computer or laptop? 

Only Use Computer

Decide if you’ll be working on a desktop computer or laptop. Naturally, laptops don’t need much space so that you can get a small lucite office desk. However, if you’re using several monitors or desktops, you’ll need a more expansive and lengthier deck allowing for easy cord management. 

Files and Paperwork

Suppose you work with numerous paperwork and files, consider getting a spacious home office desk. More so, you might want to store, arrange, and stack your paperwork and also have a spot, like a drawer, for organizing your writing tools.

Don’t forget to consider desk height while buying. You’ll want a desk that’ll allow you to extend your arms comfortably while working.

Both Computer and Files

Suppose you need a lucite computer desk for sale for both computer and files, go for desks that can easily accommodate your paperwork and work equipment. 

Narrow down your work material needs to the barest essentials, such as your monitor and laptop, paperwork, notebooks, etcetera. The desk size plays a vital role here.

Will You Place It in a Communal Workspace?

If you intend to place the desk in a communal workspace, there are different approaches to consider. For example, staff can sit on one side so there will be enough legroom underneath. Or you can pick a round table for people to sit around.  

Depending on the space, you can consider getting two lucite desks. 

Consider Your Space Size

After deciding how you’ll use your desk and the number of people that will it, the next step is to figure out your space size. Maybe you’re space-constrained, having just a tiny room, a closet, or a nook in your bedroom, then you’ll need a small desk.

Contrastingly, if you have a big office, it’d be odd to have a small desk on one side of the sidewall. Thus, before buying a lucite computer desk, check the nuances and size of your room. 

Remember to check if the desk can easily enter through your door by measuring the size and width of your stairwells, doorways, etcetera. 

Choose a Suitable Desk Shape

After determining the space size, go ahead to choose the ideal desk shape that’ll best fit the space. For example, you can get a U-shape desk in a large office, while with a small office, it might be best to add an L-shaped desk to maximize the corner. Or maybe you can add something more compact, such as a corner desk. 

Decide on the configuration and desk shape seeing as they’ll influence the rest of the office furniture in the space. 

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Decide on Your Storage Needs

After deciding on your desk shape, size, and space, you’ll need to consider storage. Figure out if you need a desk with built-in storage and drawer or one with separate open storage.

For instance, if you have a small office, consider exploring ladder desk options, providing vertical storage, and helping you to save on horizontal floor space. 

On the other hand, if you have a narrow office, you can add a console-style clear acrylic desk with drawers, which will probably not consume much width. 

Light Storage

If you want light storage for your paperwork, go for a desk with a single drawer or no drawer to hold notepads, pens, mail, and other small items. 

Light storage implies storing supplies in other accessories and office furniture, like cabinets, bins, and bookshelves. 

Medium Storage

For medium office storage, consider getting a desk with a built-in file cabinet or multiple drawers. You can go for an L-shaped desk with connected shelving units. Thus it’d be best to invest in a system that allows you to spread your work items on multiple surfaces. 

Heavy Storage

Suppose you’ll want to store many things in your office space; consider opting for a desk with multiple deep and large drawers or desks with large file cabinets on either side. 

You can also add open shelving above your desk to enable you to maximize wall space and store your items. Don’t forget to buy a desk with a wide surface for desktop items. 

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Focus on Quality and Durability

Often, people get confused when buying office furniture, especially the desk. One primary area they find it hard to choose is whether to get a glass, acrylic, or lucite computer desk. Your choice of the desk material option depends on how high you value durability and quality. 

A desk made with mediocre designs and materials will show wear in a short while, and you’ll be forced to replace it sooner. Thus, you’ll need to go for high-quality materials like acrylic and clear lucite. You can combine them with decorative details like metal accents, exotic coverings, and carved wood.


Whether at home or work, the need to set up an ideal working area can’t be overemphasized. One integral part of office furniture that improves the office space is the desk. Thus, you’ll need to follow these detailed steps and pro tips to know how to buy the best office desk. 

Ensure the desk you end up with is spacious enough to enable you to work comfortably. That’s all that matters!

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