Pros and cons of mosaic tiles

An engineer or a non-specialist might not know anything about the floor and wall tiles. Still, we all need to get the best types of tiles for our walls and floors. Do not you think it will be stupid if you will only rely on the architecture, then do some research on wall tiles yourself? 

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In this article, we will keep our focus on the mosaic tiles, which are currently the best types of tiles for the walls. You cannot have these for the floor unless they are crafted as smooth tiles. The mosaic tiles are famous for several reasons, and one such reason is the look; many people who find it really expensive tend to go for the peel and stick herringbone tiles; they are easier to install. It is only to keep that incredible look that can only be created with mosaic tiles.

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Available in different shapes. 

A tile’s shape can say it all. Imagine a wall with honeycomb-shaped mosaic tiles? Will it not look like something out of this world? The best feature of mosaic tiles is they are available in different shapes and sizes. You can cut, and custom creates the tile’s look. Create your designs to decorate your place. 

The elegance 

The most obvious reason to have the mosaic tiles is the look. You can get different color shades and shades. You can have the most elegant colors for your rooms; it can be a perfect choice for the living rooms, conference rooms, and drawing rooms. 

Easy to clean. 

If you cannot afford to clean the tiles with strong detergents, then the glass mosaic tiles are the best. They can be cleaned with a few drops of water, simply a damp cloth, and it will be enough to clean the entire surface. However, to make it safe for kids, you can use some antiseptic solutions too. 

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The shiny look 

If you do not want to hand anything on the wall, and the wall decor is the style stamen for your house, then the mosaic tiles are a perfect choice. It has a luxurious, lustrous look that will make your room an amazing piece of art. 


These tiles are here to last; you do not have to worry about the breakage. They would not break unless someone is applying extreme pressure to it. 

Cons of mosaic tiles. 


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The only thing which might make you think twice is the cost. These are not as chape as the naturals stone tiles. You will have to pay almost double the price. However, the best option to tackle it is to have the peel and stick mosaic tiles. 


No one wants to have wall tiles with scratches. Unfortunately, the mosaic tiles are quite likely to get scratches; that is why people are often reluctant to have them in their kid’s rooms. It will not be a durable option there, as kids might use some sharp objects around. 

Not easy to install. 

The mosaic glass tiles are extremely difficult to install; it is one of the main reasons why the total cost of having them is a lot more than the ceramic and porcelain tiles. 

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