Proven Tips for Making Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Look Attractive

Generally speaking, wood cabinets are quite statement-making pieces of furniture. If you truly love wood-based furniture, you will feel the pain of having to get rid of your wood cabinets simply because they look unattractive inside your space-especially if you don’t know much about styling them. 

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But fear not! We spoke with professional designers to learn more about inspiring tricks for beautifying natural wood kitchen cabinets. If you don’t want to compromise your admiration for furniture crafted from bare wood, read on!

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About Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Honestly, although they have at some point in time been somehow frowned upon in the post-modern interior design landscape, natural wood kitchen cabinets are one of the most familiar cabinetry designs. For many years, they have been associated with classic-fashioned interiors. But that changed recently.

With everyone rethinking their relationship with nature, thanks to the implications of climate change, wood cabinets are back into the limelight and have transformed to become the world’s best-selling cabinet boxes. 

Besides the fact that they are environmentally friendlier than laminate and metallic cabinets, natural wood cabinets have attracted the attention of many modern homeowners, thanks to their remarkable practical features, of which the most well-known include the following; 

  1. Compatibility with Multiple Interior Designs

Admittedly, for many years now conversations about whether or not natural wood kitchen cabinets are a fad have been bogged down by the flexible aspects of a range of wood-based cabinets. What makes wood-based cabinets attractive even to critics is the fact that they are uniquely harmonious with all interior designs, from vintage to post-modern high-end trends. 

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  1. Pocket-friendly Cost of Purchase and Maintenance

As of now, many homeowners in America and the world at large find wood cabinets very charming simply because they are cost-effective from purchase and styling to maintenance. Unlike metallic or laminate cabinets, natural wood cabinets are cheap to acquire and exceptionally durable. If you have considered discarding your wood cabinets because you find them unattractive, you should consider how much cash they are enabling you to save. 

  1. Versatility

With diverse models that include classic and modern trends, natural wood kitchen cabinets genuinely stand out as the most versatile drawer designs on planet Earth. Thanks to the versatility of wood cabinets, one can never miss finding cabinet models to buy among them, regardless of personal preferences or trending interior design ideas. If you try making them your go-to cabinets, you can be sure that you will have lots of options to go for. 

Are Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Difficult to Style?

Depending on your attitude and level of experience in working with wood-based cabinets, you can easily consider natural wood kitchen cabinets difficult or easy to style. The proven truth, however, is that all wood-based cabinet boxes are less difficult to style. 

According to interior design experts, the following are applicable tricks for making any type of natural wood cabinet box seem well-decorated; 

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#4: Color Mixing

If your natural wood kitchen cabinet box is highlighted by a single shade, you can choose to modify its overall appearance by adorning it with a contrasting tone. For example, if it is white you can opt to apply the color black on some parts and fixtures to give it a black-and-white appearance, which is arguably a good sight to look at. 

But if by any chance merging colors on your natural wood kitchen cabinets is not a workable option for you, simply incorporate colors that contrast their appearance inside the interior in which they are based. For example, you can go for a contrasting tone in terms of wall and floor colors, not to mention backsplashes and hardware items. 

#3: Incorporation of Décor Accessories

Just like metallic and laminate cabinets, wood-based cabinets can look splendid when blended with a range of stylish décor accessories. For that reason, you are allowed to pair your wood-based kitchen cabinets with any kind of accessories you can think of, from cabinet accessories to interior décor items like wallpapers and gorgeous-looking hardware items. 

For example, you can add to your cabinet box pairs of metallic fixtures while fixing high-end metallic hardware items around it to enhance its overall outlook. For classic-fashioned wood cabinets, rustic décor accessories are the best options. 

#2: Incorporation of Contrasting Material Textures 

One way to make natural wood cabinets stand out inside a kitchen space, according to interior designers, is by contrasting their overall appearance with everything that is inside the kitchen. To achieve that, you may have to opt for materials that contrast their finishes when it comes to flooring and accentual features. 

For your information, natural wood kitchen cabinets boast an incomparable potential to blend well with diverse material textures, from ceramic and terracotta tiles to laminate materials and varieties of metals, including copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and gold. 

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#1: Daily Maintenance

In the absence of regular maintenance, there’s arguably no type of natural wood cabinet box that can look attractive regardless of how its design attributes seem high-end. Their ability to stay strong for a lengthy duration notwithstanding, wooden cabinets require regular cleaning and refurbishment. 

Fortunately, maintaining them is not as difficult as maintaining metallic or laminate cabinets. With mostly hard-grained finishes, a wide range of natural wood kitchen cabinets are less vulnerable to the effects of dust and smudges, all of which are known to make other types of cabinets seem old-fashioned as fast as possible. 

Will Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Soon Go Out of Style?

Certainly not! According to evidence-based research by a section of highly acclaimed interior designers in the United States, wood-based cabinets will become exceedingly popular for many years to come. Now that the attention in the world of interior design is tuned towards environmentally friendlier décor accessories, upcoming cabinet trends are more likely to feature bare wood materials mostly in terms of material components and fixtures. As you know, natural wood is not only durable but also recyclable. 

Final Thoughts

Must you avoid natural wood kitchen cabinets simply because they seem oldish or unattractive to you? Certainly not! Why? As you have discovered in this article, there are different strategies you can opt for to make any wood-based cabinet box stand out as exceedingly attractive. Just take advantage of these tricks to revive the appearance of your wood cabinets. 


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