PureProject Shoes a new line of Brooks Running shoes

A great ideas for put the shoes in one distinctive look is to put in a great box, in this sens CO Design Agents collaborated with agency The Great Society;

on branding and packaging PureProject a new line of Brooks Running shoes. The PureProject line features four distinct models with varying levels of minimal cushioning for a more propriocentric running experience. The PureProject line is a dramatic departure for Brooks Running. As such, it required an equally dramatic unveiling. CO designed a stunning Launch Kit to entice and intrigue key retailers. Fashioned from bamboo, the kit embodies the sustainable ethos of the PureProject line. The laser-etched lid lifts off to reveal 2 brochures and 4 raindrop-shaped canisters with branded lids. The canisters, which echo the shape of the PureProject logo, each contain a women’s and men’s sample of the four different shoe models.

The individual canisters may be removed and re-used in various ways. This kit is designed to be a keepsake, with no material going to waste.
Two brochures fit within the kit. The product-centric brochure features exquisite photography from acclaimed fashion accessory photographer Kenji Toma. The lush booklet features spot glosses throughout, as well as a rotating “wheel of attributes” to help the wearer identify the right shoe for his or her run.
The second brochure is a tongue-in-cheek instruction manual for creative upcycling of the kit. A quirky cast of characters, illustrated by Tyler Marchus, demonstrates such
re-uses as Sand Castle Mold and Public Restroom Key Chain. This element of the kit represents Brooks’ Run Happy philosophy.


Art Direction + Design: CO Design Agents, Portland, OR.

Rebecca Cohen and Marc Cozza: Principals, Creative Directors /

Agency: The Great Society /

Fabrication: Dave Laubenthal, DJL Studio /

Graphic on Kit: Jake Hollomon /

Book Illustrations: Tyler Marchus & Jake Hollomon /

Photography: Kenji Toma Studios /

Retouching: Picturehouse /


Source photos:thedieline, co-hq