Reasons Behind Growing Popularity Of Latex Mattress

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Our non-stop hectic schedules make it imperative to secure utmost bliss during those few hours we can squeeze out for ourselves at the end of the day. Resting those tired nerves might occupy the top of the ladder as sleep is of paramount importance in maintaining our productivity and aiding us in functioning properly. If you have been suffering from sleep issues lately, then maybe, it’s time to bid goodbye to your old mattress and bring home a plush new latex one. Read on to know more about the benefits which getting the best latex mattress can usher in:

Bed latex mattresses

  • The biodegradable latex mattresses have greater longevity when compared to their synthetic peers. Their long running dependability, durability and stability is the biggest reason behind more and more people opting for these mattresses.

Travel latex mattresses

  • Noticeable pain prevention as well as significant reduction in back pain has been reported by almost 1/3rd of the people using these latex mattresses. Latex being a resilient material can impart necessary support to sleepers without imposing excess pressure on their shoulders and hips, thus contouring just enough for promoting proper alignment. The clever engineering of the latex mattresses support our body’s natural curvature. thus keeping pain at bay.

Bedroom latex mattresses

  • The all-natural latex mattress models are perfect for those who are sensitive to chemical odours. These mattresses having zero off-gassing are already a hit amongst Millennials who value their limited resting time over everything else.
  • Water beds and spring mattresses have a tendency to transfer motion from one side to the other when one partner rolls over or turns in the bed. Latex mattresses rank above its peers in terms of motion isolation thus making it comfortable for both the partners to sleep through the night with minimal disturbances.

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  • The latex mattresses can be customizable to reach the desired level of comfort. Customers can even order a mattress having two different firmness levels for accommodating the exclusive requirement of each partner. Certain models come with unglued layers thus, offering customers a chance to replace the upper layers when they get worn out.  
  • The natural open-cell structure of latex allows good air circulation. A series of pinholes are added while processing latex and further increasing this airflow and guaranteeing a cooler night’s sleep. Thus, these latex mattresses can be of great aid in tropical countries such as India having a humid climate. The superb air circulation also imparts to greater hygiene since it does not allow perspiration to linger around for long and make the mattress feel damp.


  • The metal springs found in spring coil mattresses amplify electromagnetic radiation. This has made the latex ones extremely popular amongst health enthusiasts with their zero-metal content.
  • Latex mattresses are resistant to fire, mildew and dust mite. They come packed with hypoallergenic properties which can keep pesky intruders at bay without sacrificing on the comfort level of customers. Their natural fire resistance capabilities make the latex mattresses a better alternative compared to its peers having added chemicals which might bring along health adversities such as immune-toxicity, cancer and reproductive toxicity.

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  • The raw materials of these eco-friendly mattresses are harvested from plantations in such a method which allows the trees to grow while tapped.

Latex mattresses have received the top ranking when compared to its contemporaries thus growing into the most sought after bedding item available in the marketplace.