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Resort TV Cable, Windstream, other internet providers experiencing outage

When you plan to spend your free time watching your favorite shows on TV and you sit back to have some leisure time but your cable doesn’t work, how does that sound?

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Or, you are working and taking classes online, in between all your work your internet stops working? Sounds frustrating, right? There is no need to panic because outages are tending to occur no matter what provider you choose, it can be Windstream Internet or cable, Spectrum or Cox, there are unavoidable outages that may occur at any time.

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What should you do when the outage occurs?

Our reflexive action is to get anxious and angry when we face any outage while we are using the internet or cable TV. Firstly, it is important to stay calm when you are facing any trouble because if you lose your temper you will only drag your problem. Whenever a problem exists, it comes along with a solution but we fail to see it.

Find news on social media:

Sometimes, there can be an issue due to severe weather conditions or technical issues that can occur at the back end of your provider. The best thing is to check the official pages of your internet or cable providers on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you will get to see a post because when an outage occurs, usually, providers do post about it online. It will also help you to understand how long it will occur and when it will get resolved.

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Ask from your neighbors:

If your neighbors are using the same provider for cable and internet then you can ask them if they are also facing the same issue or not, if it is only you then you can try simple hacks or simply report the issue.

Dial Customer service number:

When you sign up for an ISP or a cable provider, you always get your individual and official account number, you are registered with a company through that official number. You can also check it in your official email or on your bill if you don’t have it already. Once you have your number just make a call on the customer service number of your provider that you can find online and tell them about the outage that has occurred. If there will be a technical issue from their end they will inform you about it and tell you how long it will take to get it resolved and in case, if it is only you who is facing the issue they will send their technical staff member to resolve your problem or try to help you out over the phone to avoid the unnecessary wait for the help.

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Be a smart user and try to resolve simple issues:

  1. Connect fewer devices with your Wi-Fi, if you are connecting more than easily connectable devices at the same time you will face speed lags, this is the reason why you should be very careful before choosing any internet plan because it should be according to your usage and the number of devices that you want to connect.
  2. Disconnect the devices and turn your router off and then restart it, this way it will get refreshed, and in most scenarios, this trick does wonder and your internet starts working fine once it is refreshed. Turn off the heavy apps that require more data in your mobile phones, sometimes you are not even aware of it and various apps keep running in the background and they make your internetwork slower. Don’t keep on using the data if it is not required, just turn off the Wi-Fi connectivity option and use it when you need it this also makes your speed stable and fast.

3. If you face any trouble and you see that the TV is not working just remove the TV box and wait for a while and then plug it in again and check it should work fine because in most cases this simple trick does wonder.

4. Sometimes there is a problem with the battery of your TV remote and it feels like there is some technical issue but if you just check the batteries and add a new one it starts working fine.

5. Change the batteries of your remote if you are unable to change your channels.

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Final Words 

The first important thing is to know how to report your problem to a concerned department and customer service is the right department to approach when you face any trouble with your service. Some simple hacks can make your life easy and safe your time because if these simple tricks can work fine you will not want to waste your time if you are in a hurry but you can always make a call to make sure your issue is resolved and in most of the cases you might even get more information about some promotions and discounts so it is always a useful thing to do anyway!


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