Contrary to popular belief, gardening does more damage to our natural surroundings than restoring balance. The need to have a beautiful looking garden is turning the gardening industry into the likes of the apparel industry. Every season, nurseries introduce a new variety of plant to satiate the needs of their customers.

These plants are usually invasive in nature and have probably been imported from a country with entirely different climatic and soil conditions. Hence they require the input of massive amounts of water and chemical fertilisers, that not only interferes with the water balance of the ecosystem, but result in soil erosion and groundwater runoff as well. Over time, these plants use up all the soil replenishing nutrients, degrading the overall quality of the soil.
Gardeners make up for Australia’s largest group of urban land managers. Approximately, 50% of all urban land is managed by gardeners. This land makes up for the area where about 80% of Australia’s population resides. This means, gardeners should strive to be the most responsible land managers, in order to minimise our carbon footprint on Earth.
However, all the things mentioned above should not stop you from having the garden of your dreams! By, adopting responsible garden design and gardening practices, you can ensure you enjoy the serenity and beauty of your garden, while contributing your part in restoring balance in nature.
While responsible gardening encourages the use of minimal water and organic fertilisers, choice of plants will remain at the core of your gardening endeavours. It is important to choose only native and non-invasive plants for your garden. These are adapted to the weather and soil conditions of your area, and play an important role in the ecological cycle. This garden designed by Stone Lotus Garden Design Sydney is a beautiful example of a healthy blend of native and non-invasive tropical plants.

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