Rock Chair with Assembly System by Färg&Blanche

In a previous article, we show you 10 Modern Rocking Chair Designs For Outdoor and Indoor that are perfect to experience some hours of relaxation and comfort to your home. If you liked them, you’ll certainly be interested in this Rock Chair that will present today. Although it’s from the same chairs’ category and it’s made with the same purpose, to give you moments of relaxation, it’s very different from the previous ones. Designers from Studio Färg&Blanche based in Stockholm, Sweden says about their product it’s been created for your own time, continuing the traditional rocking chair’s comforting function but in a modern design. Very expressive in its appearance due to its simplicity of design, this rocking chair is creatively made so that you can easily assemble by your own.

Once you fit together the five pieces, the result is a beautiful and functional rocking chair that has a toy-like charm encouraging you to sit for a long time. Rock Chair comes in two variants, one simple and one with soft cushions in leather or in cotton canvas. These additions was thought to enhance the comfort of the seat and to gain a more beautiful patina with the passing of the years.

Photos: © FÄRG & BLANCHE.



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