Rolltop Future Portable Computer for Designers

Rolltop is a portable computer designed specifically for designers and architects but also for everyone who wants to have a gadget with a shape aesthetics and high portability. The OLED-Display technology and a utility multiouchscrean, this laptop is very appreciated and very low weight and a size equal to a 13 inch laptop that easily converts into a graphic tablet 17 inch flat screen , can also be used as a primary monitor due to the support attached to the back of the screen.

Otherwise the future Roltop 2.0 is in constant development by bringing Rolltop community improvements visible but unseen (internal component locations, component placement in an optimal way)

Roltop is not a virtual and futuristic gadgets, which remains only on your coputer screen from beginning Rolltop is developed as a real future product, During its development had lots of different scenarios were simulated usage functionality, etc.

Rolltop device’s display allows a new concept of design as giving up the classical concept “bookformed”.
The latest high-tech and new design techniques are integrated in Rolltop, these technical details will increase the productivity of designers and architects. This device is truly an all in one gadget.

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