RTA Kitchen Cabinets: Why You should Use Them in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the best places in a home, from where many of our happiest moments of the day get served. Food, drinks, laughter, gossips…aah, the nostalgia!

That is why it is often referred to as the heart of the home. Probably, no one can understand this better than the one who spends most part of the day there, preparing dishes for both normal and special occasions. While food is the common ground of universal expressions and celebrations, picking out the right ingredients and cooking utensils from the kitchen cabinet is what makes one the best cook.

Kitchen and Cabinets: What Determines Your Storage Planning?

Daily activities and functions that happen inside a kitchen are the essential factors that determine your cabinetry planning. Apart from following the basics of a kitchen work triangle; good designs, easy installation and close proximity are the other factors that rule a kitchen decoration and planning. Saving a few six to nine inches can save you some extra space to store bottles of wine and cook books. On the other hand, easy access to spice ingredients and pans and pots near the preparation counter can make cooking convenient.

Kitchen modeling therefore comes with deciding which furniture to choose next. Get custom-made furniture or purchase Ready-to-Assemble cabinets, a well designed kitchen storage planning means an improved work flow. Designing a custom-made cabinetry is a tedious task when one has to pay attention to the spacing details of a room, the measurement aspects of every space and corner, trending preferences and of course the type of function that owners undertake when working inside the kitchen. Besides, it is time consuming and requires a lot of work and effort, for sometimes the owner might want something but lack of proper kitchen space compels one to go for alternative options.

That is why, Ready-to-Assemble or RTA kitchen cabinets enjoy a distinct advantage over traditional cabinets in the market today. Latest US RTA furniture market reports and forecasts show a CAGR growth of 4.75% in prospects over the years 2014 to 2019.

In short, many are opting for Ready-to-Assemble furniture products. Modern RTA kitchen cabinets are today made of real wood and not of laminated particle board. They share the same design aspects that a traditional cabinet has and are structurally better built. The only difference is that they are shipped unassembled along with a kit of hardware joinery requirements. They share a somewhat modular construction carpentry and technique that is focused on convenience and usability. You can find kitchen cabinets online with ease and get them shipped straight to your door. That way you don’t even need to go out and have to carry them all around the store and to your car after you found the right ones.

The Advantageous Factors of Using Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

#1 – Cheaper Shipping Costs

Building a custom-made cabinet is not only time consuming but is accompanied with a hefty price tag. Besides, transportation across rugged roads could cause damage to a heavy wooded furniture cabinet. The good thing about RTA kitchen cabinets is that, they are shipped in parts. This allows the panels to be loaded anyway on a truck – horizontally, vertically, flat or upright; as the need calls for. It saves space.

Apart from that, the furniture are saved from transportation damage caused on the road and the shipping charges become much cheaper. You can receive dollars worth of cabinetry parcels at the same price that you would have had to pay in case of traditional cabinet furniture.

#2 – More Options

RTA furniture has evolved in design, quality and technology. Modern Ready-to-Asssemble kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. You can find almost any cabinet styles to match your kitchen design, wall color and even size. From the highest quality cherry cabinets to the modern white kitchen cabinets, you get the same look and feel like that of a custom-made kitchen cabinet.

#3 – Do-It-Yourself Friendly

They are so easy to assemble that even a person with common sense can easily do it himself. When assembling, they are joined together with the help of specially designed hardware that is different from the traditional ones. That is why, they could be quickly placed together with just a simple screwdriver turn or with wrench locks. Homeowners can easily do it themselves to assemble the parts or seek professional installation help and guidance. Besides, since they have a particular pattern, they are easy to repair or replace in case of any unwanted catastrophe or a sudden desire for kitchen remodeling.

Assembling RTA kitchen cabinets and other furniture is hassle free and quick. Being DIY friendly, they give you the freedom of choice as to decide how you should design your kitchen space. An efficient and modern kitchen planning means laying out the right guidelines and making the right furniture selections that make your food preparation work station open, active and happy.

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