Sculptural Handmade Ceramic Elements by Guido Garotti

A strongly passionate hands-on creator with a unique design vision and remarkable skills in every stage of the design process, Guido Garotti from Life Given a Shape focuses on producing extraordinary furniture using high quality materials and local Italian craftsmanship. He’s furniture design approach is heavily based on principles of emotional durability, being an exercise in social anthropology. These two bright yellow glazed ceramic elements are handmade by highly skilled craftspeople and was born from the idea of a  wedding present for a newly married couple. Inspired by Classic allegory of Venus and the shell, very popular in the Renaissance as a celebration feminity, fertility and sexuality, they should be seen as a metaphor of love and sexuality which will surely bring a sculptural beauty to your interior due to their artful features. The ceramic products are available separately for the price of  € 459 per piece or together in a limited offer.


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