Sensational Hand-Sculpted Stiletto Desk by Splinter Works

Envisioned by London based design studio Splinter Works, Stiletto Desk is a sensational piece of furniture that echoes the form of a stiletto shoe as you’ve probably guessed. Stilleto Desk is part of the exquisite work made by Splinter Works team who along their journey to explore new ways to realise their projects that enrich the life of their client, create such an engaging and inspiring desk. Intelligently designed, this gorgeous furniture piece has everything it needs to be successful – design, function, material and color.

Intented for a multitude of purposes (desk, console table, dressing table), Stilleto Desk impresses by a clean sculptural shape hand -sculpted from solid stacked walnut featuring a triangular top that rests, on one side, on a curved base and, on the other one, on one slender leg. The underside of the table is defined by the dramatic polished red acrylic based on the iconic Louboutin “red sole”, which give the entire structure a striking contemporary appearance.

Its drawers are discreet, perfectly integrated with the sleek design and are lined with the same shade of nubuck leather. Thanks to extraordinary materials used and technical ingenuity, this product is extremely modern and the bad news it that it comes in a limited edition. You can customize it as you want with other finishes and sizes, and optional you can install a cable management with a conduit for cables to run through the stiletto leg.

Photos: © Splinter Works.

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