Setting the tone with combinations of light and dark

Futuristic Sci Fi Triangle White Neon Tube Lights Glowing In Concrete Floor Room With Refelctions Empty Space 3D Rendering Illustration

In art and cinema the use of light and dark is called Chiaroscuro (Italian for “light-dark), and it’s often used to give a feeling of depth and to really pull someone into a scene. This feeling of depth is appealing to the eye, and when applied to the realm of interior design adds a real eye-popping element! The mixing of light and dark doesn’t have to be purely black and white, either! Mixing bright colors into an otherwise dark space naturally draws the eye and the resulting texture of pleasing depth looks and (more importantly) feels great!

Contrast, in general, is a fantastic way to spice up your dining space. Remember, the sun is probably the best provider of light there is- natural lighting through large windows give a stunning backdrop to darker interiors. Dark colors don’t have to mean black, either, as earlier mentioned- yellows, sky-blues, warm amber, and browns can all be used to add additional contrast to your space. These kinds of color contrasts of dark and light that are specifically not white and black can be controled through color choices to feel warm,  cold, sophisticated, homey, eclectic, or highly focused.  If you play your color cards right, you can even hit more than one at the same time.

Perhaps the best outcome in the use of Chiaroscuro in your dining room is the solidity of form it achieves- that is to say how open or closed the space becomes through use of these contrasts. In having great solidity of form the room’s environment will support exactly the environment you desire for your diners.

Setting up this kind of environment doesn’t need to be expensive, either. A coat of white on the walls with dark chairs, booths, or tables will immediately take your dining room to the next level.  Intelligent use of warm or cold in your lighting might be all you need to do- you’ll be surprised how much an interior changes under warmer or cooler lighting.

Color, as a contrast, can be used to ‘liven up’ a space. The green of plants, for instance, is quite cool and can brighten an otherwise dark space. Likewise, this veridity can be used in a well lit space to further add contrast to darker chairs.

In closing, Chiaroscuro is an extremely approachable design choice when creating your dining room. The sheer flexibility of the style is possibly it’s greatest strength- particularly when coupled with an understanding of just how natural things look in a space that has properly balanced their contrasts. We interact with the natural balance of light and dark on a daily basis so it’s pretty easy to find a balance that feels natural for most people- it’s such a part of your everyday experience that you just intuitively know what feels “right”!

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