Seven Tips for Dressing a Table for Brunch

Whether it’s an intimate get-together among a group of close friends, a special occasion such as a bridal or baby shower, a charity fundraising event or even a sophisticated business meeting, taking brunch is very much in vogue right now.

Brunch is typically a more relaxed affair than a lunchtime meal, but there is still a need for good organisation. A well-dressed table is also important for hosts, especially if you’re expecting large numbers and you don’t necessarily know all of your guests well. Here’s a few tips on how to make your brunch table suitably impressive…

Themes and colour schemes

So long as you stick with one or two colours you can have fun mixing things up with your patterns. Why not try stripes and spots, or straight lines and horizontal lines? You can also experiment with items in different shades of the same colour. You might also want to consider assembling your brunch table with a theme, such as floral or, if it’s summertime, tropical. Layering the table gives it more texture and you the potential to add more colour. You might start with a beautiful linen tablecloth, then a table runner followed by placemats.

Style of Simplicity

Whereas lunch or dinner can often be formal, brunch is usually a bit more simple, so keep the table settings to the minimum for an unfussy look. Linen napkins and linen coasters are a fab idea because they look elegant even without ironing, and they never fail to add a touch of class. Mixing up styles of plate, glassware and cutlery can be fun too, and give your brunch table an eclectic appeal., so long as you check beforehand for any chips or stains.

Easy organising

To keep things informal, and make life easier for yourself, you can do away with place settings, and think about making the meal a buffet. If you’re brunching outside, then position the table fairly close to the house so that you haven’t got far to walk if you forget anything. A good way to minimise the risk of that is to run through the meal beforehand and tick items that you’ll need off a list. Good organisation is key to a successful brunch.

Fresh flowers for colour

A few small bouquets of fresh flowers distributed around the table give lovely pops of colour, especially on overcast days when you don’t have much sun coming through the windows. Remember that larger bouquets can get in the way of people talking.

Double up for big groups

If you’ve got a long table, then ensure you double up on essential elements such as carafes of water, and salt and pepper shakers, to ensure that they don’t need to work their way slowly around.

Little things count

Small touches can really make a brunch special. That might mean buying a few inexpensive but chic table gifts, lighting some candles, or unleashing your crafting abilities to make up some takeaway arrangements of herbs or wildflowers.


Brunch is a little early in the day for alcohol, although there’s nothing wrong with keeping a bottle or two of fizz chilled in the fridge, and buying in some citrus fruit so you can whip up a batch of G&Ts if called upon. Think jugs of fresh cordials such as elderflower, mineral water, and virgin cocktails, either on the table itself or positioned within easy reach.

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